Brief update on the research

The Promoting Safer Building Programme is a multidisciplinary research study being carried out by an alliance between CARE International UK (CARE UK), Overseas Development Institute (ODI), University College London-EPICentre (EPICentre) and the British Geological Survey (BGS). The team have carried out two field studies in the Philippines and Nepal and begun developing literature and technical contributions to the existing knowledge on self-recovery and safer building.

As the pilot study is coming to an end, we will be marking this important time with a London-based conference on the 13th of July.

In this full day event we will be presenting the project field work methods and learning from post-typhoon interventions in the Philippines and post-earthquake interventions in Nepal. We will also be hosting panel discussions with guest speakers from the interacting disciplines.

Expected outcomes of the conference

  • Present research outputs and outcomes of the project
  • Present initial findings on implications of a self-recovery approach on humanitarian practice
  • Open up opportunities for feedback from partners and collaborators
  • Presentations and panel discussion from invited speakers representing each of the disciplines on the subject of self-recovery and reconstruction after disasters and the role of science and engineering in informing humanitarian policy and practice
  • Open question time session with individuals from the worlds of practice, donors, academia and across sectors to engage with the topic of recovery more broadly
  • Developing the project’s future direction

If you’d like to attend, please contact us before the 11th of July.

End of Pilot Project Conference on the 13th of July!
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